Liturgical Art

“The Nave Windows and the Great Cross of our church are dedicated to the greater glory of God and the body of the faithful folk, known and unknown, who have given so freely of themselves in the cause of Jesus Christ since the Church came to Ferguson in the 1880s.”

The windows and the Great Cross were designed by Mr. Robert Harmon of the Emil Frei Studios of St. Louis ( in consultation with then rector Rev. Gordon S. Price. They attempt to communicate in symbolic art forms the recurring sweep of the Liturgical Church year in which the Christian is called to live, worship, witness, and respond. Beginning with the Advent Season Window (rear Gospel side) and working toward the altar, the major events are cataloged. Then from the altar along the Epistle side to the Second Advent the journey is completed.

“The Nave of St. Stephen’s is a silent but moving symphony of complete theology; a gripping drama of God”

Below is a list of parishioners for whom the Windows of the Nave were given in memory of…

  • Sidney Francis Dawson: Christmas-Epiphany Window
  • Robert Eugene Mangum / Edwin Foresman Schoch: Lent Window
  • Charles W. Owen: Palm Sunday Window
  • John Edward Lawrence: Maundy Thursday Window
  • Marilyn Ancy Price: Good Friday Window
  • The Parish Family: The Great Cross
  • Herbert W. Niehaus: Whitsunday Window
  • The Rev. Donald McFayden / Edith McFayden: All Saints Window
  • Jeannette M. Soebnlin: The Christian Gospels Window
  • Alfred James Kirby / Addie Ashton Kirby: The Christian Family Window
  • Edwin Foresman Schoch / Frank Raymond Whelply: The Second Advent Window