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  • Gathering for worship & prayer
  • Saint Stephen’s
  • The Vine

We worship and pray together “in common” as people who share aBook of Common Prayer

On Sunday we gather at 8 and 10 for Eucharist. We gather at 5 for a quieter Celtic inspired service

Monday – Friday  Morning Prayeras found in The Book of Common Prayer

Wednesday at 6pm we share a Service of Healing from the Episcopal Church’s Book of Occasional Services 



If you like the the intimacy of your neighborhood coffee house or your local deli… you will like us.

If you think Jesus was about love, justice, feeding the hungry, teaching us how to live well and have a good  time doing it – you may have found some new friends.

If you have been Catholic, Presbyterian, Buddhist, non-denominational, none of the above or all of the above  – you will meet others who share your journey.

If the sum total of all you know about the Bible is not enough to play Scrabble or is so much that you can teach a course – you will add to the conversation.

If you are someone who thinks painting someone’s house when they can’t is as important of a way to spend a day as shopping or going to the movie – you will have some great days ahead.

We are a gathered people who are each in our own way trying to answer the big questions, do the simple things and live life in ways that have us in right relationship with God, our self, one another other and the Creation. And our gathering is not as strong as it could be with you as a part of the community

We would love to tell you more: our email is episcopalians@gmail.com call 314-753-7911 or  come by 33 N Clay Ave, Ferguson, MO 63135.

We hope you will join us in Living the Good News

thevine The Vine is a community conversation and collaboration project participating in the renewal of the North City/ North County area of Metropolitan St Louis.

Launched with support from St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, as well as individual and foundation support, The Vine includes:

Strings Attached – a guitar based education and community music program,

Theology on Tap – the 4th Tuesday from 6 – 8pm at Ferguson Brewing, and

Ferguson Farmer’s Market on the 3rd Saturdays from 9 to noon from November to April the indoor continuation of the outdoor Market which runs from the beginning of May until the end of October.

We also collaborate with EarthDance Farms, the Ferguson Youth Initiative (FYI),  Live Well Ferguson, The Deaconess Anne House and EcoFaithStL.

Find out how you can be a part of this growing community by contacting Steve Lawler 314.753.7911 or swlawler@gmail.com.