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The Food Pantry at St Stephen’s is focused on to the food needs of Ferguson in this difficult time.

We are grateful for the generous response of so many. We continue to receive contributions as we increase the distribution of food. Today we fed kids who were not in school because of delay of the opening of  school, the residents of Canfield Green and Oakmont Townhomes, many people who came by the church and the people who are served by a neighboring pantry. Over a quarter of the food donated so far was distributed in this one day.

Many people are doing amazing work to serve in this time. In our focus on food we are striving to live out this call of Bishop Tutu:

“Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

-Desmond Tutu

If you have questions please contact Father Steve episcopalians at gmail.com @314.753.7911.

A healthy living initiative that brings the Ferguson community together for exercise and fun.

Want to know what a church community is like? Ask its members. Here’s what the people of St. Stephen like most about their congregation:

“It’s inviting and welcoming…there’s a big emphasis on hospitality here.”

“We’re diverse in multiple ways but we can still worship together…and we can talk openly about our differences.”

“There’s a cool mix of people here, all very supportive.”

“It’s a very welcoming community….you’re always remembered by name.”

“There’s a very strong family feeling at St. Stephen’s.”

“After the service, people genuinely enjoy hanging out together.”

“Many people have a history here but they still make it feel like there’s room for me.”

“I want my kids to feel like they have a rock in their lives, and this community provides that.”

“I love the intimate size….you get to know everybody. I also like that it’s very laid back.”

“The people here are very open-minded…that’s definitely a strength.”